संयुक्त रक्षा सेवा परीक्षा (I), 2019 अंग्रेज़ी – CDS Examination (I), 2019 English (89 – 120)

संयुक्त रक्षा सेवा परीक्षा (I), 2019 अंग्रेज़ी – Combined Defence Services Examination (I), 2019 English

Combined Defence Services Examination (I), 2019 English

Q89. To love one art form is great/(a), but to be able to appreciate another/(b), and find lateral connec-tions are priceless./(c), No error./(d)

Q90. Female literacy rate has gone up by 11 %/(a), in the past decade as opposed to/(b), a 3% increase in male literacy./(c), No error./(d)


Each of the following sentences in this section has a blank space with four words or group of words given. Select whichever word or group of words you consider most appropriate for the blank space and indicate your response on the Answer Sheet accordingly.

The question whether war is ever justified, and if so under what circumstances, is one which has been
forcing itself ________ 91. (a) upon the attention of all thoughtful men.
(b) on
(c) at
(d) over
On this question I find myself in the some what ____________92. (a) delightful position of
(b) painful
(c) pleasant
(d) lovely
holding that no single one of the combatants is justified in the present war, while not taking the extreme
Tolstoyan view that war is under all circumstances a ___________93. (a) duty.
(b) obligation.
(c) responsibility.
(d) crime.
Opinions on such a subject as war are the outcome of _____________94. (a) feeling
(b) sentiment
(c) reason
(d) patriotism
rather than of thought : given a man’s emotional temperament, his convictions, _________________
95. (a) however on war in general, and on any particular war which
(b) as well as
(c) both
(d) despite
may occur during his lifetime, can be _________________96. (a) thought with tolerable certainty.
(b) intimated
(c) suggested
(d) held
The arguments used will be mere reinforcements to convictions otherwise reached. The fundamental facts
in this as in all ethical_______________ 97. (a) questions are feelings; all that
(b) answers
(c) statements
(d) experiences
thought can do is to clarify and systematize the expression of those feelings, and it is such clarifying and
systematizing of my own feelings that I wish to _________________98. (a) engage
(b) praise
(c) attempt
(d) commend
in the present article. In fact, the question of rights and wrongs of a particular war is generally______________99.
(a) considered from a juridical or quasi juridical
(b) observed
(c) transferred
(d) opined

________________ 100. (a) possibility.
(b) formula.
(c) force.
(d) standpoint.


The Nobel Prize for Chemistry this year is a tribute to the power of _____________
101. (a) evolution. The laureates harnessed evolution and used it in the _______________
(b) devolution.
(c) revolution.
(d) involution.

102. (a) microscope with amazing results. Frances H. Arnold, an American who
(b) field
(c) market
(d) laboratory
was given one-half of the prize, used ‘directed evolution’ to _____________103. (a) inhibit
(b) synthesize
(c) hamper
(d) hold back
variants of naturally occurring enzymes that could be used to ___________104. (a) constitute
(b) sink
(c) manufacture
(d) resolve
biofuels and pharmaceuticals. The other half went to George P. Smith, also of the U.S., and Sir Gregory
P. Winter, from the -UK., who evolved antibodies to ___________105. (a) combat
(b) support
(c) observe
(d) invite
autoimmune diseases and even metastatic cancer through a process called phage display.


Directions : Given below are some idioms/phrases followed by four alternative meanings to each. Choose the response (a), (b), (c) or (d) which is the most appropriate expression.

Q106. A match made in heaven
(a) a marriage that is solemnized formally
(b) a marriage that is unsuccessful
(c) a marriage that is likely to be happy and successful
(d) a marriage of convenience

Q107. A culture vulture
(a) someone who is very keen to experience art and literature
(b) someone who wants to defend ancient culture
(c) someone who is ashamed of one’s own culture
(d) someone who looks at her/his culture critically

Q108. A death blow
(a) to be nearly dead
(b) to be deeply afraid of death
(c) to beat someone to death
(d) an action or event which causes something to end or fail

Q109. The jewel in the crown
(a) someone who has many skills
(b) something that one wants
(c) the most valuable thing in a group of things
(d) the jewel in the crown of the king

Q110. To live in a fool’s paradise
(a) to live a life that is dishonest
(b) to be happy because you will not accept how had a situation really is
(c) to believe that things you want will happen
(d) to enjoy yourself by spending a lot of money

Q111. A rotten apple
(a) to remove something which is rotten
(b) one bad person in a group of good people
(c) a loving and kind person
(d) a disorganized person with bad habits

Q112. To vote with your feet
(a) to show that you do not support something
(b) to replace something important
(c) to change something you must do
(d) to express a particular opinion

Q113. Verbal diarrhoea
(a) to be sick
(b) to talk too much
(c) to be in a difficult situation
(d) to be a good orator

Q114. To sail close to the wind
(a) to pretend to be something that you are not
(b) to be in some unpleasant situation
(c) to be destroyed by a belief
(d) to do something that is dangerous

Q115. A double entendre
(a) to look at someone or something twice
(b) a situation in which you cannot succeed
(c) a word which has two meanings
(d) something that causes both advantages and problems

Q116. To cut your own throat
(a) to stop doing something
(b) to do something because you are angry
(c) to behave in a relaxed manner
(d) to allow someone to do something

117. Cook the books
(a) to record false information in the accounts of an organization
(b) to do something that spoils some-one’s plan
(c) to tell a false story
(d) to be very angry

Q118. Change your tune
(a) to listen to good music
(b) to do things that you are not willing to
(c) to change your opinion completely because it will bring you an advantage
(d) to pretend to be very friendly

Q119. Blue-blood
(a) to swallow poison
(b) to be overly interested in someone
(c) to suddenly become jealous
(d) to belong to a family of the highest social class

Q120. Cut the crap
(a) an impolite way of telling someone to stop saying things that are not true
(b) to stop needing someone else to look after you
(c) to talk about something important
(d) to upset someone by criticizing, them

Answer Key of Combined Defence Services Examination (I), 2019 English

89 ….. C
90 ….. B
91 ….. A
92 ….. B
93 ….. D
94 ….. A
95 ….. C
96 ….. D
97 ….. A
98 ….. C
99 ….. A
100 …. D
101 …. A
102 …. D
103 …. B
104 …. C
105 …. A
106 …. C
107 …. A
108 …. D
109 …. C
110….. B
111….. B
112….. A
113….. B
114….. D
115….. C
116….. B
117….. A
118….. C
119….. D
120 …. A

– संयुक्त रक्षा सेवा परीक्षा (I), 2019 अंग्रेजी प्रश्न 1-55 – CDS Exam (I), 2019 English Questions 1-55

– संयुक्त रक्षा सेवा परीक्षा (I), 2019 अंग्रेजी प्रश्न / उत्तर – CDS Exam (I) 2019 English Questions (56-88)

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